YR KV Mechelen Jeugdacademie


The unadulterated feeling of playing soccer in a Striped Yellow and Red shirt. Passion & Struggle. Motivation & Engagement.

KV Mechelen is a tradition club with a warm heart and rich past that gears up for the future. A Youth Academy with talents that are pulped under professional supervision. Each year our scouts are looking for players who can further strengthen our teams.

Please do not offer yourself for a test training, it makes no sense! Each player will be first scouted in his actual club before being invited for a test training! Below you’ll find the registration form, please stick to the applicable authorisation procedure;

  • Only after completion of the full form, scouting will be considered
  • Test training(s) is (are) only possible after a positive opinion, which will be granted based on one or more match evaluations by our scouts.
  • Test training(s) will only take place if the level was assessed sufficient positive and the position is revised opposite our current players.

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